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To deliver a 96th percentile ROE year-over-year through efficient reinsurance underwriting and investment portfolio returns. Our strategy is positioned within the $100M+ global insurance, reinsurance RIA and Hedge Fund portfolio space. Our platform operates through an automated speculation engine focused on actualizing wealth creation potential for every transaction across exchange traded markets globally 24/7 while always keeping the downside risk  throughout portfolio’s active positions capped.


eqe's XT Quantitative Global Macro

eqe’s XT platform is the culmination of nearly 30 years of experience within the design, validation, and optimization of investing strategies and  portfolios. XT utilizes evolved quantitative selection methodologies that automate management of our platform’s extensive suite of uncorrelated  strategies who achieve required metrics across risk mitigation and generation of alpha on most market conditions. The portfolio within XT  comprises (39) CME Group­ listed markets across these six global macro sectors: domestic & international stock indices (5), agricultures (12),  currencies (8), energies (6), interest rates (5), and metals (3). The deployment of our strategies onto CBOE, NADEX and specific international equity and equity options markets will be deployed on to cash/live markets in late 2018 or early 2019 through DMA via CQG & TT’s Order Routing system plug-ins at specific times of enhanced inefficiencies.

XT's Leadership

XT leaders known for their quantitative alpha generation track record. XT leaders are the preeminent pioneers in technical analysis software. #FinTech starts here.

Robert "Bob" E. Pardo


Mr. Pardo is recognized for quantitative alpha generation, and as a pioneer in technical analysis and financial  software. He has also authored two Wiley Finance books on quantitative strategy validation and optimization. He is also the inventor of the optimization methodology, WalkForward Analysis.

Joe Taussig

Founder of MultiStrat Ltd.

Mr. Taussig is an expert in both asset management and insurance known for Structural Alpha. He has acted as a merchant banker for  numerous financial services startups, divestitures, and acquisitions since 1990. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1966 and earned  an MBA from Harvard University in 1972.

Marc Goodman

Co-Founder, Kenmar

Mr. Goodman is Co-Founder at Kenmar, a multi-manager, multi-asset alternative investment firm that peaked at +$4 billion AUM. Clients included sovereign wealth funds,  pension funds, global investment banks and insurance companies, high net worth individuals, and retail investors.

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Gain an early quantified edge by connecting with the XT Leadership team. eqe inc is the primary holding company of CNXT Technologies. Visit the CNXT website for IoT & FinTech obsolete product information.