What does eqe stand for?

early quantified edge

What business are you in?

Hedge-fund reinsurance

What is your strategy?

quantitative global macro futures

Is CNXT related to eqe?

Yes, eqe Inc is the primary holding company for our enterprise operations and FinTech + IoT core services. We kept it around because we love saying “early quantified edge” and it relates to our business as a whole quite well. Visit cnxt.co for a list of our core product and service offerings.

What is reinsurance?

An inoperative strategy for financial corporations to minimize risk exposure as Bermuda-based reinsurance is currently the most innovative strategy that legally protects many transactional vulnerabilities.

What types of securities do deal with?

Futures (using proprietary algorithmic software + the minds of the worlds most elite quant traders). Trading is our backbone behind all eqe + CNXT business dealings. We have the edge when it comes to capital – permanent capital.